First-Ever Doggie Dip at Tomlinson Aqua Park

Come to first-ever Doggie Dip at Tomlinson Aqua Park

dog pool KingstonPhoto credit: Kingston Herald

Unleash your dog for a play date at Tomlinson Aqua Park.  The City of Kingston is holding the first-ever Summer’s End Doggie Dip on Saturday, Sept. 17 – the last day of operation for the pool.

“We wanted to offer owners a chance to have some fun with their dogs at the pool and closing day seemed like a great time to start this annual tradition,” says Lynda Breen, supervisor, recreation programs.

There will be two Doggie Dips times at Tomlinson Aqua Park, 303 York St.:

– Dogs under 30 pounds swim from 5-5:45 p.m.
– Dogs 31 pounds or more swim from 6-6:45 p.m.

You must register your dog to participate ahead of time.

Please be prepared to meet the requirements and follow these rules aimed at keeping all participants happy and safe:

– The Doggie Dip costs $8 a dog and only people-and-dog-friendly dogs are permitted.
– There’s a two dog per person limit – and also a two person per dog limit.
– Children under 13 are not permitted to this event and all human participants must sign a waiver.
– You need to provide proof your pet is licensed and vaccinated for Rabies and Bordatella.
– Dogs must enter through the patio gate entrance and are not permitted in the change rooms.
– You must have a leash with you and you are responsible for supervising your dog in and out of the water.
– You may wade into the water up to your knees, but you may not swim with the dogs.
– No dog toys are permitted.

Remember to pack dog waste bags, sunscreen and a water bottle, too!

Tell your friends they can find information on the Doggie Dip online here.


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