Video Tours

In this day and age, our time is extremely valuable. This is why I offer extremely efficient services to my clients. One thing that saves a lot of time for both buyers and sellers are video tours.

It’s a very real fact that the high majority of buyers are looking online for their next property. It’s not about curb appeal anymore, it’s about what people see on the internet that attracts them to certain properties. This means:


  • High quality visuals
  • Descriptive navigation that helps buyers picture themselves there
  • Accurate and completed information

A video tour of the property helps with all of these factors as buyers are not left wondering what the other side of the room looks like and they’re able to see in high quality and feel what being in the property would be like.

The benefits to a video tour are huge:


  • Now buyers from literally the entire world can view the property.
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from everywhere. “The Only 24/7 Open House!”
  • Much greater range of marketing using Internet video sites such as Youtube and Google Video.
  • Videos are fun! Most people would enjoy and rather watch a video than read text or look through photos.
  • Target buyer’s senses and evoke emotion through a visual and audio experience.
  • Reduced foot traffic through the property from those who would not purchase. This means:
    • A lot less time being put out of your home
    • Less tidying up at the last minute
    • A significant increase in safety and security for yourselves and your property.

Why not just a “Virtual Tour”?

Most people when they think of a Video Tour they will think of what is actually a “Virtual Tour”. It’s very important to understand the differences. A “Virtual Tour” are usually just an emotionless slideshow of photos and sometimes “panaramic” views of rooms. These “panaramic” views are just a series of photos taken from one spot and put together to make you feel like you are turning your head and so “viewing” the entire room.

There are several problems with this type of marketing:

  • Most people would not view a room in this way if they were actually there.
  • Due to the nature of this method, the views you are seeing are distorted, fish-eye’d, and unrealistic
  • There is very little emotional connection as these views are static and there is no “feeling” of being there.
  • These are not an extra type of marketing like Virtual
  • Tours are because they often use the same photos again that accompany the listing. It’s not worth watching because it’s the same thing.

My Video Tours do not distort your property. I do not use a fish-eye lens and I take the viewer through a natural walking tour of the property in the exact way they would if they were there.

The difference is clear when the viewer makes an emotional connection to the property because of the realism of my Tours. Please contact me if you have any questions about Video Tours or marketing your property.