Meet the Team


Jessica Hellard, Real Estate Broker & Team Leader


Why did I pursue real estate as a career? It’s simple. I love helping people! While buying and selling often feels overwhelming and all about the numbers, I know it’s incredibly personal for my clients – and that makes it incredibly personal to me.

Helping clients realize their individual goals – whatever they may be – is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. I genuinely enjoy working with people, being an encouraging presence, lessening the stress and anxiety of the process, and having a bit of fun along the way. I build lifelong relationships with my clients, striving to be a reassuring resource for them whenever they need real estate support.

I promise that engaging me as your representative will be enjoyable and productive. I studied economics at Queen’s University, am a registered real estate broker, and have worked in real estate for 15 years. I have a deep understanding of the industry driven by my insatiable appetite for learning. Being a tech geek, I seriously love figuring out ways to make things easier and more profitable, and so enjoy watching my clients benefit.

I truly understand all facets of the real estate industry. I have owned and managed several rental units with my husband, who works in property management, and partnering with RE/MAX provides me with a wonderful network, resources, and development opportunities. I leverage all of this to market my clients’ properties, employing social, digital and traditional marketing for remarkable results.   

My natural curiosity also means I know a great deal about the city of Kingston and its surrounding areas. The city is distinct for its vibrant downtown, historic architecture, lakeside locale, tight-knit community, unique neighbourhoods, and the beauty of the surrounding region. One of the greatest pleasures of my job is helping clients discover the charm of the greater Kingston area and the quality of life it affords.

That quality of life is the reason my husband and I chose to make Kingston home for our family, which includes our son and a menagerie of cats and rabbits, and a happy-go-lucky dog. Supporting this community is very important to me. I give back both personally and professionally, including co-founding Kingston Animal Rescue, a volunteer-run registered charity.

When you work with me you can expect integrity, authenticity, and passion. I will fight for your best interest, help you realize your goals, and provide an exceptional, 5-star real estate experience.  🙂

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Jessica Higgs, REALTOR®

Jessica has lived and breathed helping animals during emergencies, as well as teaching at the
local College level for the last 10 years as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Throughout this
time, she has bought 3 houses and sold 2. She had an amazing salesperson help her through
each of these journeys. His passion for helping others with their buying and selling adventures
inspired her to venture into the world of real estate. Jessica is excited to utilize her passion for
helping foster animals find their new place to call home, her calming nature during stressful
times and her ability to guide students into success, to help you find your next place to call
home. Whether that be selling your current home, buying a new one or even both, she is
excited to open that new chapter with you!

Corinne Long, Administrative Manager

Corinne has been living in Kingston for over 9 years after growing up in Prince Edward County. Corinne comes from a background of customer service where her main focus has been helping clients through new and complex systems in the Education and Technology sector. When she isn't providing support to our team and clients, she can be found baking, crocheting, or camping.


Kevin Elvidge, Unlicensed Assistant

Kevin has lived in Kingston & area his whole life. His sweet and caring nature makes him so loveable and he’s a joy just to be around. He likes helping others, enjoys watching game shows, and loves his listening to the oldies. He has a great sense of humour and always wears a sweet smile.

Emilio Ciccarelli, Media Production Specialist

Emilio does an amazing job of showcasing all of our properties using professional photography, videography, and virtual tour technology. The competitive advantage he offers in virtual tours specifically is the amazing Matterport Camera Technology. The Matterport camera and technology produces the #1 most immersive, easy to use and realistic virtual tours on the market. Gone are the clunky low resolution tours of the past as high resolution VR ready tours have arrived. He understands how to market a property. The days of dark, cramped and crooked images that everyone has seen time and time again on real estate listings are over. Emilio has been shooting photography for over fifteen years, and has over 700 listings photographed under his belt. His extensive knowledge of exposure, composition, and post-production leaves all of our clients amazed with the incredible and undistorted images and video we do.

Jeff Reitzel, Aerial Drone Video and Photography Specialist

Jeff is a low altitude aerial drone video and photography specialist that uses the latest and greatest in drone technology, promising outstanding views in high-definition. Jeff is fully insured and has exceeded the minimum liability amount set by Transport Canada for public safety, privacy and social responsibility while using his drone technology. We have achieved amazing shots and video and will continue to bring this to our clients to showcase your larger properties with only the best.