Renovations and Home Improvement


While you go about your day to day lives I’m sure it’s crossed your mind to fix up a few things here and there or that a new countertop would really make your kitchen sparkle. Thinking about it and doing it are very different things with our busy lives.

However, it would be a mistake to renovate your home just before you sell it as you won’t get back 100% of the cost of the renovations. For example, if you put in $10,000 kitchen cabinets, that doesn’t mean your home will have gone up in value $10,000 or more.

The way to renovate that gets you the most out of it would be to renovate after you move in or somewhere down the line and just touch things up when you sell. That way you get to enjoy the value of what you put in and it does raise the value of the home some so you end up coming out a lot more even.

One of the biggest issues with renovations is when they don’t get done. It could be the contractor from hell (or even the nice ones!) and things just drag on and on or they take your money and don’t look back. It could be the situation where you decide to renovate the place yourself and save yourself the money. But not only do you not have time, but the supplies have cost you way more than you predicted, or you find you’re not quite sure what you’re doing and what once looked easy now looks like the bane of your existence.

Here I will be posting articles and tips on what to renovate, suggestions on how to do it yourself, help with finding a good contractor, and just simply how to get through a renovation with your sanity.

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