Real estate, whether buying or selling any property, is a big deal. Real estate is a big investment and there is a lot of knowledge required in order to make it work for you. This is why you need to consider the big picture of what you want and hire the very best for you. RE/MAX is the biggest real estate company in the world but not only that, the most successful with the highest number of sales in many countries including Canada. Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX!

RE/MAX has the best agents in the world!

RE/MAX attracts the best agents in the world because they do so much as a company. They offer their agents lots of advertising, design support, and the most educational and innovative conferences, workshops, and more. This means that by working with me, a RE/MAX broker, you know you are in good hands because I am up to date on everything and am constantly learning more about how to help you buy and how to market your home in the most effective ways. I joined RE/MAX to be a part of the number one company and because I feel like by working with RE/MAX I am able to offer my clients great service and skills in order to make your buying and selling of real estate handled by a pro.


RE/MAX can show your property internationally!

One of the biggest reasons to choose RE/MAX is just that, it’s big! A globally connected company with numbers that just keep growing. There are no boundaries to the numbers of buyers that will be seeing your property when it’s listed with RE/MAX. There are RE/MAX companies all over the world in 134 countries and 41 different languages that can see your property on our global network global.remax.com


Buying outside of the Kingston area?

What about buying in another region? Ever wonder how you would possibly start such an overwhelming task? Buying a second home in another country (vacation oceanfront home anyone?) or even just moving can be made ridiculously simple through our global RE/MAX network. I have connections with RE/MAX agents from all over the world and I would be happy to connect you with someone who will take care of your needs in that area. The world is yours!


Top Brand

RE/MAX uses it’s top brand to your advantage and has massive amounts of advertising driving people to look to RE/MAX first to buy or sell real estate. When you first think real estate, you think RE/MAX for a reason. This advertising makes RE/MAX signs stand out more because people don’t even have to read them to know it means a house is for sale. It makes every bit of advertising and marketing done for your property just that much more powerful.


Top Real Estate Internet Exposure

This massive amount of advertising attracts buyers in the millions! It’s not uncommon for people looking to buy to go to www.remax.ca before they go to www.realtor.ca and that’s where they will see your property first. The internet is the first place buyers look now (90% of buyers start their search online) so you want your property to be where the buyers are. RE/MAX is unbeatable in this area and that counts for so much more than you’d think. RE/MAX even has the #1 mobile app for real estate companies.


The RE/MAX Collection

Looking for a company who can properly represent your high end property? The RE/MAX Collection is an exclusive branch of RE/MAX with marketing techniques specifically created for your luxury property. The RE/MAX Collection ties in distinctive branding to separate your property out from the rest and make it stand out but also uses the RE/MAX global network to get your property the most exposure across the world.


RE/MAX is Number One!

I absolutely love working at RE/MAX. There is no end to what I can do at the best company in the world and I’m excited to show my clients the RE/MAX advantage! Contact me today and I will show you even more reasons why Jessica Hellard, Broker at RE/MAX Finest Realty is the best choice for you.