Heart of Kingston Podcast

Interviewing people in our community that put their heart into what they do. I will be sharing the passion, entrepreneurship, small business, creations, volunteering, events, community and more in our wonderful region of Kingston & the Islands. We'll get deep and hear about the ups and downs and lessons learned from some of the most amazing people in our community. Kingston and area is a magical place. Let's get to the heart of it and tell some good stories! <3

This very first episode introduces the show Heart of Kingston and I interview myself, Jessica Hellard (not in the third person lol!). You'll hear about:

  • Why I can't stop loving on the Kingston community!
  • My background story and what led me to start the businesses I run.
  • Advice to others starting a business or feel a calling to give back.
  • A game changer that cause my perspective to shift.
  • And more!