Emerald Ash-Borer Treatment Coming to Kingston

City to treat selected ash trees due to emerald ash borer.

Starting next week, a City-hired contractor will begin treating selected City-owned ash trees to protect them from the emerald ash borer (EAB) infestation.

“The City-owned ash trees selected for treatment are assessed annually and treated bi-annually to prolong their lives. Over time, as trees decline and become hazardous, they will be scheduled for removal. The EAB program will begin planting replacement trees this fall in City parks and on City boulevards,” says Troy Stubinski, manager, operations for public works.

Treating all the City’s ash trees is cost-prohibitive and not sustainable, so many City ash trees have been removed and are being replaced with other species of trees over the next few years. Some of the new trees will be relocated to avoid existing infrastructure, such as power lines.

See where ash trees are being treated.

Homeowners may also visit that webpage to find out more about how to deal with their own ash trees.  Residents are encouraged to call an arborist for help.

The EAB Impact Cost Mitigation Plan outlines how the City deals with ash trees on its property. It is available for review and includes details on how the City is adhering to the Migratory Bird Convention Act.

The presence of emerald ash borer was verified in Kingston in 2013. Ash trees infested with the emerald ash-borer quickly become unsafe and turn to dust.  The invasive beetle kills ash trees over the course of two to six years.


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