Waterfront Master Plan wins a CSLA 2017 Award of Excellence

Waterfront Master Plan

The City of Kingston’s Waterfront Master Plan has won a Canadian Society of Landscape Architect’s (CSLA) 2017 National Award of Excellence.

The 14 winning projects from across Canada represent world-class roadside and residences, ambitious plans for waterfront, community greening and poetic places.

“With respect to the waterfront master plan, participating residents know how much hard work and input went into this long-term plan which envisions the future of all of Kingston’s waterfronts over the next 30 years. This award affirms that this plan will truly help secure our beautiful vision,” says Neal Unsworth, manager, parks development.

The Waterfront Master Plan won the award in the category of large-scale planning and analysis.

In its award citation, the CSLA noted the Kingston Waterfront Master Plan was: “A project of staggering scope, requiring colossal effort. The process was open and inclusive, and the breadth of vision remarkable. The work itself is exquisite…This is a TRUE master plan with enough information to look a long way into the future. It is commendable to take on something this big and to believe in it.”

The CSLA Awards of Excellence honours landscape architectural firms whose projects feature distinctive design, ground-breaking research, sustainable landscape management and visionary planning. Each year a jury of peers selects exceptional projects from across Canada that showcase design and planning excellence.

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